cutting vinyl

It's that almost magical moment when the needle gently touches the groove and you hear the first tones. A sound so warm and so powerful, that only an uncompressed analog recording can produce. This moment will touch you and make you feel why we love this place, this studio, this unique sound recordings that we create with all our passion.

Our Studio


Old Studio

Inspired by the unique magic of iconic home studios back in 70ties and 80ties we opened our SUPERSENSE Living Room Recording Studio in June 2014. Our dream was to create a warm magic living room atmosphere combined with highly professional all analog sound engineering capabilities AND the possibility to cut our own vinyl records at highest quality, accessible for everybody.

David our experienced sound engineer and passionate collector of vintage sound equipment, filled our Living Room with just the very best and professionally maintained recording treasures from ground up. Just allow us to proudly mention a few highlights:
Tape Recorder: Studer A80 // Turntable: EMT 950E // Mixing Desk: Siemens C4 // Reverb: AKG BX20 // Speakers: Klipsch Cornwall // Microphones: AKG C414EB, AKG C422 Stereo, AKG C451 + CK1 and CK5 capsules, and many more...

On top of that Flo Kaufmann provided us with a super rare Master Disk Recording Lathe: The famous Neumann AM32B in perfect condition. Operated by Lukas we now can proudly hand cut all analog Vinyl Master Records at supreme quality in front of your very eyes.

Please make yourself comfortable at our big red couch, try our ever expanding collection of unique analog instruments from all over the world or prepare yourself for a unique Direct-to-Disc recording session.

Studio Studio Studio Studio

Master Records


Usually master records are only used as the expensive "mother cut" in the production of regular, pressed records. We at SUPERSENSE are proud to offer these highest quality and intense sound treasures directly to our super sensitive customers. Handled with care and played on high quality turntables, our unique original Master Records will provide you with a sound richer and warmer than anything you have experienced before. Over and over again.

Our goal is clear: Each and every Master Record we hand cut here at our SUPERSENSE Living Room Studio has to be a unique ORIGINAL of no other kind, perfect and special in every detail. Carefully produced one by one without any digital interference, compression or compromise, in real time, with all our expertise and passion.

SUPERSENSE Master Records do not only perfectly capture the sound waves of the session, but also the magic of the moment. If you close your eyes you will feel so close to the musicians as if you were sitting right next to them on the couch of the SUPERSENSE Living Room Studio.

The basic principle of "All Analog Mastercut Recording" dates back to the days when the legendary Motown Studios produced their very first records using finest analog "Direct-to-Disc" technology, directly cutting the grooves into a blank disc in real-time, without any distortion or post-processing. Elvis Presley's very first recording - that allegedly was intended as a gift for his mother - was such an original Direct-to-Disc Master Record and is one of today's most expensive records with a selling price of 300,000 USD.

As basis material for all our individually hand cut records we use the highest-quality Apollo Lacquers Acetate. These discs have a polished aluminum core, covered by a very special lacquer formulation providing a cutting area free from defects and are famous for the lowest noise floor on the market. Cutting takes place on a Neumann AM32b from the 70ties, in real-time, with a super expensive diamond cutting head, directly and without any compression or editing. The result is a unique and heavy record of highest possible sound quality (and a simply adorable scent).

Records Records Records Records


Edition 77


Celebrating the art/challenge/adventure of pure analog Direct-to-Disc recording, SUPERSENSE started a global search for the "real" musicians left who are ready to perform and record without any digital tricks and second chances. Not an easy task in our digital world.

Pure analog sound waves captured with just our vintage microphones and directly cut into the shimmering surface of our Master Records in real time with a diamond. One take - one original Master Record of no other kind.
Who are the artists who are strong enough to record the real unaltered truth?

SUPERSENSE proudly started the Edition 77 Sessions in Autumn 2014. In addition to the one live Direct-to-Disc cut of every session (that goes into the SUPERSENSE vault), we carefully hand cut 76 additional original Master Records of highest quality from the session tape recordings on our lovingly restored Neumann AM32b. Unique originals that are cut in real-time, one by one and without edits into wonderfully fragrant acetate blanks. Usually only accessible for the record companies as master discs for vinyl pressing, these incredibly valuable sound documents are from now on available for all our SUPERSENSE customers and analog sound enthusiast.


Cover design - Each cover is individually designed and manufactured in close consultation with the musicians right here at the SUPERSENSE Letterpress workshop. Graphics are cut into linoleum by hand and then - together with a fine selection of our antique printing letters - printed on our "Korrex Berlin special" printing machine, piece by piece.


Liner Notes / Equipment Notes - Even the information about the artists, the recording, the photography, as well as the numbering of the editions are applied by hand and with the help of a custom made rubber stamp, one by one.


Packaging / Paper - For optimal protection of the record and the perfect combination of all components of these editions we have developed an elaborate, two-part slide cassette, made of the finest Materica paper from Fedrigoni. Also this packaging is assembled and filled by hand, right here at the palace.

Records Records Records Records



Our cosy and professionally fully equipped analog Living Room Recording Studio is open to everybody and can be visited daily during our opening hours or on appointment.

We are happy and proud to offer you a wide range of standard services but also love to hear about your crazy dreams if they are not accommodated by one of our services listed below. Basically we will try everything it takes to make your recording fantasies come true and directly cut your wildest dreams and experiments into high quality 7 inch or 12 inch Master Records in front of your eyes and ears. Our Living Room Recording Studio standard services are the following:


Your Living Room Direct-to-Disc Master Record Session

Our premium offering. Exclusively available at SUPERSENSE. Never before it has been so easy (and so affordable) to produce your own professional Master Record. You just have to book a date, bring your instruments, allow us 30 minutes to set it all up and start performing. Basic package includes 2 hours in our fully equipped Living Room Studio, sound and cutting engineers and 1 side 12 inch Master Record (12 minutes).

- Basic price starting from € 500,-


Hand Cut Master Record from Digital Media

You bring or upload your digital sound file and we carefully hand cut it into an outstanding Master Record in real time. Never before it has been that easy and affordable to hold your own premium quality record in your hands.

1 side 2 sides
7 inch € 40.00 € 50.00
10 inch € 60.00 € 70.00
12 inch € 80.00 € 100.00

Hand Cut Master Record from Analog Tape

Same as above but this time you hand us your session recorded on analog tape.

- as above + € 30,00 extra -

Last but not least we also proudly offer you a wide range of customisation options for your labels and cover artwork. Even if you want to augment your record with your personal handwritten booklet or some instant images of your recording session. With our on-site Instant Photo Studio and Letterpress Workshop we have it all on hand and can directly produce and handcraft a perfect solution for you.