Upon the invitation of Warner Music and Radio Superfly, Jesper Munk not only presented his latest album "Favorite Stranger", but also recorded this all analog live session on a shimmering mastercut record. You can now re-listen 5 selected songs, presented to you in a very limited Archive Edition of only 8 pieces, whereof Jesper Munk already proudly owns #1. Treasured in a uniquely designed cover - letterpress printed on our Korrex - hand-lettered and -numbered, accompanied by an original 8x10 portrait of Jesper.

Jesper Munk


  • Jesper Munk


A Side
  • Stranger
  • Joy
  • Happy When I'm Blue
B Side
  • The Parched Well (Album "Claim")
  • Easier

Jesper Munk @ Supersense Jesper Munk @ Supersense Jesper Munk @ Supersense