The Viennese duo "Tanz Baby!" does no longer exist. But, as it happens to be - SUPERSENSE is a place for miracles and exceptional phenomena. This winter, "Tanz Baby!" graced our living room studio with a very exceptional and unique appearance. Delighting a small and exciting crowd with that sort of sophisticated pop that can only be brought into the world in a city like Vienna.

"Tanz Baby!" recorded eight of their beautiful sad songs in new splendor. Kristian Musser aka Mu rather stroked than played a home organ by Bontempi, and David Kleinl sang about love, passion and desire in all its tragic facets.


  • David Kleinl - vocals / melodica
  • Kristian Musser - organ / guitarlele / beat box


A Side
  • Ich bin hier (Intro)
  • Mein Herz
  • Ich bin traurig
  • Alleine sein
B Side
  • Bist es du
  • Andauernd verliebt
  • Vielleicht bist es Du
  • Und dann bleib ich

Production Team

  • sound engineer: David Küblböck
  • cutting engineer: Lukas Obwaller
  • designer artwork: Wild Evel
  • printer: Laura Gebetsroither
  • photographer: Helene Proißl
Tanzbaby Tanzbaby Tanzbaby Tanzbaby Tanzbaby